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Hello there, I am Melissa but you can call me Mel! I'm a Scottish cosplayer ^w^
I am currently obsessed with The Boxtrolls, Welcome To Hell, League of Legends and South Park!
I love anime, manga, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Vocaloid and other Japanese related things.
Tim Burton is my idol! I have always looked up to him. It would be a dream come true to meet him.
I'm not the best artist there is but I love drawing. I take it seriously and plan to keep improving!
South Park is my daily dose of pills.
I'm a pegasister and I'm proud of it!
Avenged Sevenfold is a fantastic band and I really love them.
I get lost in the sound of Gorillaz' music.
Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn are my kind of English men.
I've been a super big fan of Ed Edd n Eddy since I was a kid. I love those three dorks~
Adventure time is my favourite show by far!
I love League of Legends! It's my favourite game. Jinx and Ziggs are my babies!
I love cartoons and animations!

~Things I enjoy~
Lulu+Veigar+Squill Spin by TekkanoMaki-chan LoL - Pagedoll Ziggs by lightvanille League of Legends Poro Gif by erebosse South Park Kenny McCormick gif by Dimabig South Park Eric Cartman gif by Dimabig South Park Stan Marsh gif by Dimabig South Park - Kyle Wave (Gif) by Flip-Reaper-Z WtH Spites by Katy133 Grell is Jealous by HowlingLight KP:gif:Alois Trancy by DoodinHyde Amaimon Fools Aound by Kyasuri Babyshiba.gif by SadakoLoan Lenore :D haha by bkangelztar Finn - Adventure Time by kuropop Jake - Adventure Time by kuropop Eggs fan-button by danielaurista
  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Listening to: Little Boxes
  • Reading: Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl
  • Watching: The Boxtrolls
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: The Scottish irn-bru
Hello! So I finally got to see The Boxtrolls last night and omfg was it by far the best stop motion animation movie I have ever seen!

I would like to say this may contain some spoilers so read at your own risk!

First of all, everyone who worked on this movie did a wonderful job. Also, I'm so happy Isaac is getting a lot more recognition! He definitely deserves it. He did such a good job on this movie. He was so good at voicing Eggs.

This brings me onto my first main point, The characters!
Eggs first of all is my favourite character from the movie. He's such a sweet heart. Every time I see him he makes my heart melt. He was so funny and had some of the best lines from the movie. There was also parts in the movie that were really sad for him. It was really fun to see him interact with Winnie though.
Next character, Winnie. She has such an attitude. That's what makes me love her so much. She also had some of the best lines from the movie. It was the best thing ever when you find out she loves hearing stories about the boxtrolls ripping apart and eating people. When you first see her you expect her to be really girly and snobby but she's not like that at all. You feel sorry for her though because her father ignores her all of the time. Her interactions with Eggs are so good omfg. Also, apparently Winnie has a crush on Eggs and omg that's so cute. They did show it in the movie a few times like when Winnie teaches Eggs to dance. Eggs gets the hang of it and starts dancing with her and you can see them both blushing at each other! Cute :')
Next up is Archibald Snatcher. I actually quite liked him in the movie. Well sort of. He was a great villain! Not got so much to say about him.
The boxtrolls them selves! I'm not gonna go through them all individually but they made the movie. If they weren't in it as much it wouldn't be as good. They're funny, cute and silly. Perfect characters right there!
Lastly, the rest of the red hats. They were so funny omfg. Mr Gristle was just so funny through out the entire movie! Mr Trout and Mr Pickles also had some of the best lines. When they turn good it's so good.
I know there's other characters but it'll take too long to go through them!

Next main point, the story! The story was very well written to be exact. Although it's based off the book they did add a lot more of their own stuff to this. One thing though, I feel as if they could of dragged it on a bit more. Apart from that, it was excellent. There's a mixture of funny and sad parts through out the movie too.

Well, I know that's not the best review ever, but, I can't do reviews :L All in all, The Boxtrolls was amazing. Such loveable characters, and a great story. What more could you want?! Go see it if you haven't already. or, If it's not out for you yet, go see it when it's in cinemas! You will not be disappointed. Also, stay after the credits. They add something at the end with Mr Trout and Mr Pickles. It's really funny and smart.

Go see The Boxtrolls! :D


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